Saturday, September 25, 2010

Authors That Begin With S

Found on My Hardcover Bookshelf

Some of my favorite authors start with S. Because several of the authors have series with multiple books it takes two shelves for their books.

S.M. Stirling writes The Change series. I have all in hardcover. Dies the Fire is the first and the place to start.

John Scalzi's Ghost Brigade is the second book after Old Man's War. This is a series I recommend to anyone, SciFi fan or not.

The Family Trade by Charles Stross is the first book in The Merchant Princes series. Although I like the series when we read The Family Trade in the Science Fiction Book club and it got mixed reviews.

I loved Poison Study by Maria Snyder. It is also the first book in a series.

Charles Sheffield and Dan Simmons both have book on the S shelves. Sheffield book is The Spheres of Home and Simmons is Olympus.

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