Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kill and Tell and To Die For by Linda Howard


I discovered Linda Howard on a recent trip when I checked out and listened to Killing Time. I really liked the book so when I was in McKay Books in Chattanooga I purchased used copies of several of her books. I just finished reading Kill and Tell and To Die For.

Kill and Tell has much of the same feel as Killing Time. Instead of being from two different times Karen Whitlaw and Marc Chastain are from two very different parts of the country. They are brought together when Karen’s father is killed in New Orleans. Mystery and attraction soon follow.

To Die For has a lighter feel. When Blair Mallory witnesses a murder it bring Wyatt Bloodsworth back into her life. Two years ago Wyatt dumped Karen after two very hot dates. They are two alpha personalities whose conflicts generate great dialog and exciting action. Often To Die For left me laughing so hard I was gasping for breath.

Linda Howard’s books are going on my keeper shelf and I will be adding to my collection.

Pocket Star Books published Kill and Tell by Linda Howard in 1998.
Ballantine Books published To Die For by Linda Howard in 2005.

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