Sunday, September 12, 2010

Heart Journey by Robin D. Owens

Paranormal Romance

I don’t think I have ever seen two more mismatched HeartMates as the two in Heart Journey. Helena D’Elecampane spends her time in the wild mapping Celta. Raz Cherry is an actor who will never be happy away from the big city and the theater. Meeting these two you don’t think that love can conquer all. While they are drawn to each other and grow closer while working to solve a series of robberies in Raz’s family the differences in their lifestyles seem to be too much to overcome.

Heart Journey is a good addition the Celta novels. There is some very good new world building in Heart Journey. Robin Owens makes very good use of the robberies in Heart Journey to reveal more of the history of Celta. The additional world building works seamlessly into the story line. In addition to learning more about the world of Celta I think I saw several hooks for future stories set in the Celta universe. As I love this series I hope I am right about many more books about Celta and HeartMates. (I wrote this before I checked Robin's web site. There are more books planned but I did not guess right on who the next books will feature. Maybe the hooks I saw will come in later books.)

Berkley Sensation published Heart Journey by Robin D. Owens in 2010.

I purchased Heart Journey from Amazon.

(Am I the only one who thinks the cover does not match the contents of the book?)

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