Friday, September 3, 2010

Imation is the Greatest Form of Flattery (My Bookshelf)

Books on my Bookshelf

I just read a post by Jo Walton where she detailed the authors and books on her bookshelf. Her books were shelved in alphabetical order by author and that is how she did her list. I though it was great fun and decided to do some of the same. After all, we share the same first name and some of the same tastes. I did find some new books reading her list and maybe someone will find some new authors and books reading mine. (Since my blog is a simple BlogSpot creation my list will be spread over many posts. I may have a son who does blogs but he does not do mine. I'm not sure I could afford him.)

I shelve my books alphabetically by author in three different sections (Hardcovers, Romances, and Science Fiction) so that is how I do my list. There are both books I have recommended and books I have never mentioned found on my bookshelves.

Look for the list of authors starting with A in my Hardcover section in the next post.

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