Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Dreamlight Series, Fired Up by Jayne Ann Krantz, Burning Lamp by Amanda Quick, Midnight Crystal by Jayne Castle

Paranormal Romance

Amanda Quick, and Jayne Castle are pen names for Jayne Ann Krantz. Fired Up is the first. book in the Dreamlight Trilogy. Burning Lamp and Midnight Crystal are the final two books.

Each book is set in a different time period. Burning Lamp is set in the last part of the 19th century, Fired Up is set in the present and Midnight Crystal is set on Harmony in the future. The common theme is a lamp fashioned by Nicholas Winters to hold physic energy and it’s affect on certain men of the Winter’s family.

All three books bring together the characters from previous series and introduce a new set from the Winters' family. You can read each as a stand-alone but think they read better in order.

In each book the Burning Lamp, a Winter’s male and a dreamlight reader play an important part in the story. There is a Winters' curse that some Winters males inherit and to overcome that curse they have to find the Burning Lamp and a strong dreamlight reader. The strong dreamlight reader in each book is a female who is at odds with the Winters' male. Someone with evil intent is also after the Burning Lamp. A perfect set up for conflict, adventure and romance.

The Dreamlight Trilogy is an entertaining addition to Jayne Ann Krantz’s other paranormal novels. The action is fast, the romance heavy, and the characters entertaining. I enjoyed the series and look forward to other future paranormal romance novel by the author.

Penguin Group published the Dreamlight Trilogy by Jayne Ann Krantz.

I purchased Midnight Crystal from WalMart and checked out Fired Up and Burning Lamp from the Rogers Public Library.

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