Friday, September 24, 2010

Doorway to His Heart by Jo Barrett

Time Travel Romance

I love Jo Barrett’s romance books and have purchased six of her novels from Fictionwise. Last week when I say Doorway to His Heart as a new release on Fictionwise I purchased and loaded it on my eBookwise reader.

The premise reminds me of Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime. In that show Deb dies and wakes up in another body. In Doorway to His Heart Emily Mayfield is a concert pianist with terminal cancer. After her last concert she is very weak but has a friend take her to tour a historic English manor. While there Emily collapses and wakes up in another woman’s body in another time. Emily has been given a second chance at life but that chance does not come without problems. She is in the body of Millicent, the very unpleasant wife of the Viscount Westmore. Not only does Emily have to work very hard to overcome everyone’s dislike of the lovely Millicent she must also adjust to living in another time.

Doorway to His Heart is novella length and currently only available as an ebook. I loved the story. Doorway to His Heart has well-drawn characters, is filled with conflict, and has a very satisfying ending. All in all a very good read.

Wild Rose Press published Doorway to His Heart by Jo Barrett in 2010.

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